Minuscule but mighty

This aptly named diner in southwestern Madison County may be small, but it’s got a gargantuan menu with plenty of yummy options.

It’s in a small strip of businesses on the outskirts of this community. The sign on the edge of the parking lot near the road isn’t super noticeable, but the sign over the restaurant tucked away in a corner is fairly prominent.

Once you enter, you get the gist of its tiny size and the theme they promote. It’s got a classic diner theme, boosted by Route 66 pizzazz. A Route 66 map painted on the left wall of the small dining room is the centerpiece. There are license plates from various states adorning the wall around the map.

There is an old school diner counter in the middle of the room with an open area peering into the kitchen. One red stool sits on the front side of the counter, but turn the corner to head to the restrooms and there are a couple more red stools available for patrons.

Only seven tables are sprinkled throughout the dining area, and all are covered in old newspaper art in the form of ads. Old black chairs surround the tables, some which are pretty tattered. The old white tile floor needs an upgrade, too.

There are no TVs, but the radio was jamming KSHE 95 on my visit, which was cool with me. One video menu board in the corner of the counter features choices and daily specials. 

Delivery is one handy feature available here.

I visited with a friend and we sat at a small table along the wall near the counter. It’s a little cramped for seating.

Once we got our mitts on a menu, we were impressed with the laundry list of choices. From apps to soups and salads, burgers, sandwiches, deli options, chicken, seafood, pasta, breakfast options and more, there is plenty for everyone.

I ordered the shrimp po’ boy sandwich with tater tots, called potato pups here. My dining companion got the grilled ham and cheese with crinkle-cut French fries. 

When my sandwich arrived, it was on a giant, super doughy hoagie and chock full of fried shrimp. It was very good, but a little light on lettuce and sauce. The sauce added a super flavor blast when it shined through. It was a mix of mayo with their wing sauce, infusing a tangy taste to the sandwich. The shrimp was super meaty and tender, too.

There were a plethora of tots, which were definitely GBD (golden, brown, delicious) with a nice crunch and classic taste. They were a great representation of tots, but not unique in any way.

My friend said he enjoyed his ham and cheese and fries.

Other tasty-sounding options here include chicken wings served in sweet-and-spicy, barbecue and fire options; a pizza burger, chicken Philly sandwich, steak and shrimp, and corned beef hash. Breakfast is served all day. 

They are open 7 days a week: 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday and 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Overall - four stars

Cleanliness - three stars

Service - five stars

Food - four stars

Price - $

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Itty Bitty Restaurant, 512 E. Chain of Rocks Road in Granite City