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People are asking why were the Capitol Police not prepared for a riot.

Well, these were Trump supporters, conservatives, libertarians, tea partiers and other like-minded demonstrators. Many of these kinds of groups have been demonstrating during the past four years and never have they resulted in a riot.

The only conflicts that ever resulted are when liberal or progressive, read Democrat, counter-demonstrators have provoked a confrontation. Nobody expected this from Trump supporters. When violence occurs at a Trump rally, it has been initiated by the Democrats' sympathizers and a probable attempt to denigrate the conservatives. Laura Ingraham noticed that several of these demonstrators were wearing helmet and knee and elbow pads. They were, in other words, expecting violence and mayhem. You never saw Trump rallies where participants wore such riot defensive gear. This riot was apparently infiltrated by antifa and other anti-American groups in order to discredit the movement. Usually intelligent personages (Newt Gingrich and Lindsey Graham come to mind) do not seem to have noticed the anomalous behavior here. This was not prepared for because there was no precedent for it.

David Hogan

Dorsey, Ill. 

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