letter to editor

In light of recent tragic crimes in the City of St. Louis, I am asking Madison County board members to consider a resolution calling for Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner to resign.

On Tuesday, the St. Louis County Council considered such a resolution, but the vote locked up 3 – 3 along partisan lines, and it didn’t pass.

What happens in the city impacts everyone in the region.

Madison County residents work and visit downtown daily. The public should feel confident that the Circuit Attorney is doing her job.

As it gets closer to the first day of spring, more and more Illinois residents will cross the river to attend events such as St. Louis Cardinals baseball games and other outdoor festivals and activities.

Some people might ask why it matters to anyone living outside the city, but many Madison County residents work in the city, pay an earnings tax and expect public safety in return.

St. Louis is a historic and beautiful city and now has a stained reputation due to one person’s refusal to do her job.

Kurt Prenzler

Madison County Chairman