Open letter to the citizens of Southern Illinois: 

letter to editor

The members of the Southern Illinois Police Chiefs Association (SIPCA) urge concerned citizens of Southern  Illinois to contact their state representative and the governor immediately to express opposition to  House Bill (HB) 3653. This legislation began as an amendment to a bill the Illinois Senate “hijacked” from  the Illinois House. When severe opposition was expressed regarding this dangerous bill, legislators moved  the wording into HB 3653. 

In the opinion of the many police executives represented by the Southern Illinois Police Chiefs Association,  if this bill becomes law it will have a devastating effect on the ability of Illinois police officers to keep their  communities safe. One has to wonder why our legislators would rush a 600-plus page piece of legislation,  attempting to keep the contents hidden from those it will impact. 

Again, please contact your state representative and the governor of Illinois asking them not to support  this bill as written. The members of the SIPCA stand willing to work with our legislators in the next  session, when a policing reform bill may be crafted with input from all stakeholders, in the light of day. 

Edwardsville Police Chief Jay Keeven 

President-elect, SIPCA


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