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Brant Walker should be ashamed of his campaign’s dirty tactics, and his attempts to disparage David Goins. Mr. Goins is a respected public servant of the Alton community and our region, including an Alton police officer for 25 years, School Board member, and pastor of 19 years. During his career, he has developed a proven record of making tough decisions while maintaining his integrity.

Every Alton citizen should be outraged with Brant Walker and his supporters for attacking David Goins’ police record, stating he never advanced higher than the rank of Alton police sergeant. The rank of sergeant carries great honor, and one can only ask who was conducting the evaluation and promotions? We are proud to have David Goins as a respected leader of our region. It is further absurd for Brant Walker to imply that Mr. Goins doesn’t have the intelligence or skills to be Alton mayor, particularly, when Brant Walker's eight years have been a disaster. And it is also outrageous for Walker to attempt to scare voters by claiming Goins will only support Section 8 poor housing, and that someone else will run the city.

I agree with Mr. Michael Batchelor, who recently called out Brant Walker and his campaign for their blatant rhetoric and the dog whistle of attack ads, aimed at scaring voters regarding Pastor David Goins. We must judge the next Alton mayor on character, honesty and humility.

Walker is trying to deflect attention from his failed record, and we shouldn’t be fooled by his noise. Under Walker’s leadership, families have continued to leave Alton and move to neighboring cities that are growing and prospering. Alton has gained a reputation of being unsafe with increasing crime rates, terrible streets and sidewalks, no city beautification and cleanup initiative. There are fewer jobs because laborers, Teamsters, and the building and trades don’t trust him to keep his word. If Walker is re-elected, chances are Alton will possibly lose its home rule status. The city’s financial records are a wreck. Alton’s audits are terrible, and the city does not reconcile its monthly financials.

If you want positive change, new vision and growth, go with Goins. He has my vote for mayor.

Leon Smallwood

President of 100 Men Movement Crime Prevention Initiative

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