Moving Season and the Priority of High-Speed Internet

(BPT) - It’s that time of year: big box trucks blocking driveways, piles of household items on the sidewalk, and sofas teetering toward houses and apartment buildings. People move for a variety of reasons. Maybe a recent grad is leaving the nest, or a family is either downsizing or relocating for more space. Whatever the rationale, a move of any kind is not uncommon.

When searching for areas to live, house-hunters factor in things like school districts, distance to work, family, restaurants and shops. In today's fast-paced, highly connected world, people are increasingly considering faster home broadband too.

In fact, more than half of recent movers wanted to live in an area with better infrastructure for fast home internet (52%) and reliable cellular service (54%), according to a Verizon study. Moreover, three-quarters (74%) said reliable, fast internet was a priority in their new home searches. Given that remote and hybrid work remains for a significant part of the workforce, there is greater need for reliable connectivity to handle the widespread use of video calls and streaming.

And while broadband has expanded dramatically, there are still areas and homes that only have one internet option and/or little or no choice in high-speed internet providers. Providers are looking for new ways to bridge this need, particularly where it’s difficult to lay fiber or run cable into the home. One innovative way that has proven successful is using the same wireless technology that connects us outside, but “fixed” in the home. This Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) makes installation simple and easy for people to do on their own, and doesn’t require an installation appointment or more wires around the house.

Wireless service providers are also upgrading their network technology and infrastructure to stay ahead of the increasing data demands. For example, in Indianapolis Verizon recently completed a multi-year redesign of its network to increase 5G coverage, add capacity to its fiber footprint, and improve coverage in stadiums and arenas. These network upgrades also gave more residents access to 5G Home, Verizon’s FWA alternative to wired home internet.

Whether working from home or entertaining friends and family in the new space, it’s clear that fast, reliable connectivity is essential. By factoring internet requirements into moving criteria, movers can make the most out of the home search, setting themselves and their families up for the best work-life experience. Come moving time, this will continue to be an important item for thousands of people throughout the country.