State agency helping consumers collect life insurance benefits

The Illinois Department of Insurance has helped consumers find and collect more than $15 million this year from lost or unclaimed life insurance policies.

An estimated one in four life insurance policies go unpaid when an insured person dies because family members aren't aware a policy exists, don't know which company issued it, or can't find the paperwork.

"Insurance companies have a duty to pay Illinois consumers who are the rightful beneficiaries of life insurance policies," IDOI Director Robert Muriel said. "We encourage everyone to use the policy locators to search for unclaimed life insurance benefits. If your loved one paid to protect your tomorrow, you deserve to have the money you're owed."

It's already state law that insurance companies must attempt to locate the beneficiaries of deceased policyholders when life insurance proceeds remain unpaid, but IDOI makes it simple for consumers to search on their own. 

In Illinois, you can check for unclaimed life insurance policies at these sites:


• Illinois State Treasurer:

• National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Life Insurance Policy Locator:

For more information, contact the Illinois Department of Insurance at or call (866) 445-5364.

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