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As families continue to struggle financially amid the COVID pandemic, Wood River city government adds to their challenges, routinely overcharging residents on their water bills. According to a media investigation, some residents who paid their bills on time received disconnection notices, as well as service and reconnect fees totaling 130 percent of their bill.

Mayor Cheryl Maguire and the current City Council have taken no apparent steps to disclose critical information about the billing mistakes, dismissing them as a “glitch.” Certified public accountant and reform-minded City Council candidate Jeremy Plank does not accept this excuse.

“Once again, Wood River residents have to pay more for substandard service and misplaced priorities,” Plank stated. “Our current mayor and City Council need to do their jobs and stop this company from incorrectly billing us.” 

Mayor Cheryl Maguire and the City Council replaced city employees with a new billing service company for water and sewer. Neither Wood River elected officials nor the billing company has disclosed information on how many residents have been affected during this critical time when unemployment claims have soared to record highs, or how the problem will be remedied.

“The city’s delay in resolving this issue and lack of transparency are unacceptable. As city councilman, I will relentlessly advocate for change,” Plank stated.

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