Stalcup to run for re-election

Wood River City Clerk Jan Sneed swears in newly appointed council member Tom Stalcup during Monday’s council meeting.

City Council member Tom Stalcup is announcing his candidacy for Mayor of Wood River in the April 6 consolidated election.

Stalcup, retired regional sales manager of Prairie Farms Dairy, filed for his mayoral bid on Nov. 16. He has served on the Wood River City Council for the past six years.

Stalcup decided to run for mayor because he feels the city’s top leader should be more transparent in the way that city business is conducted.

“We need to bring new ideas to the City Council on a frequent basis and must always listen to residents," Stalcup said. "We owe it to them to do the work that they want done.” 

Stalcup acknowledged residents voted to approve the 1 percent sales tax in 2019. He believes they feel duped, however, because they were told the new revenue would pay for infrastructure projects. Of particular importance, he believes, are stormwater improvements to prevent flooding in homes on the city’s east side. It is also critical to remove all homes from the floodplain. Residents in these homes are forced to pay costly flood insurance every year. Drastic improvements in the condition of city roads and upgraded sidewalks must also come before a costly $7.5 to $9 million recreation center is considered.

Stalcup pointed out that, in early November, voters overwhelmingly voted to stop the demolition of the Roundhouse and to halt any construction on the widely discussed recreation center. The vote, by nearly a 3-to-1 margin, should send a clear message to city leadership about the desire of the community.

The mayor has continued to move forward with her wishes against the wishes of the vast majority of city residents.

Stalcup made clear that he is not opposed to a recreation center. He passionately believes, however, that a feasibility study must be done to ensure that any potential recreation center meets the needs of residents and those who will use it. It is of utmost importance, in addition, to ensure the needed funding from any possible sources is accounted for and will come through.

“We are in the middle of a pandemic and must ensure that we are closely monitoring the city’s pocketbook," Stalcup said. “ At a time when so many are struggling, the city must do its part to protect small businesses and ensure that reckless spending is not occurring. This is why I am running for mayor!”

Stalcup looks forward to sharing his vision for Wood River's future with voters over the coming months and hopes to earn their vote April 6.

For more information, check out Stalcup’s official campaign Facebook page at “Tom Stalcup for Mayor” or email him directly at

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