Wood River Fire Chief Wade Stahlhut

Chief Stahlhut

The Wood River City Council approved an ordinance Monday to amend its personnel code and provide worker’s compensation coverage to on-call firefighters. Full-time employees receive two-thirds of their salary tax free when off due to a work-related injury.

Fire Chief Wade Stahlhut said the proposal would provide the same coverage for on-call firefighters.

Stahlhut said the amount of benefit an injured on-call firefighter would receive would be based on their salary at their full-time job.

Also at the meeting, the Wood River City Council paved the way for a new fire department pumper truck.  Chief Stahlhut tells the Big Z his truck committee spent several months working on the design specifications for the vehicle which will cost more than 932 thousand dollars.

By locking into the price, Stahlhut said the city avoided expected price increases of 6 percent in mid-December, and a similar increase early in 2023. The new truck will replace a 2000 model that has outlived the company that built it, making it nearly impossible to repair or find replacement parts. The build time for the new truck is estimated to be about 2 years.