Lawmakers again look to casino as revenue jackpot

Illinois once again looks to a potential Chicago casino as the moneymaker both the city and state want. On Wednesday, a panel of state lawmakers dove back into the debate over how to get as much public money out of a Chicago casino as they could.

Building on efforts to expand workers rights protections and economic opportunity for communities across Illinois, Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Thursday signed legislation requiring casino applicants to enter a project labor agreement when seeking a new or renewed casino license. 



Casino owner applicants must provide evidence they have entered into a project labor agreement that conforms to requirements of the Project Labor Agreements Act. The agreements will apply to employees engaged in construction and will also ensure the protection of Illinois jobs by eliminating the ability to bring in out-of-state workers at low wages.   

Required contents of project labor agreements include: 

  • Goals for apprenticeship hours to be performed by underrepresented minorities and women. 
  • Procedures for resolving jurisdiction labor disputes and grievances. 
  • Ensuring a reliable source of skilled and experienced labor. 
  • Guarantees against strikes and lockouts. 
  • Allowing the selection of the lowest qualified responsible bidder, without regard to union or non-union status at other construction sites. 
  • Binding all contractors and subcontractors on the project through appropriate bid specifications in all relevant bid documents. 
Renewed casino license applications are required to cover wages, benefits and other compensation in the project labor agreement.
Any pending new casino application before the Illinois Gaming Board must provide evidence of the project labor agreement within 30 days after the effective date. 

SB 1360 is effective immediately. 
NOTE: This is a press release from the governor's press office.
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