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While former Illinois House Speaker Micheal Madigan isn’t on trial until next year, he’s a central subject in the federal corruption case being heard in a Chicago federal court.


Federal prosecutors allege a nearly decade-long scheme of ComEd giving associates of former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, benefits in exchange for favorable legislation.


Prosecutors on Thursday called to testify with immunity Will Cousineau, a former high-ranking Madigan and Democratic Party staffer. He’s heard talking with Michael McClain, a ComEd Four defendant, in one wiretap from April 11, 2018, about his allegiance to Madigan as a lobbyist.


“I missed a call this evening because I was with him, and so, I just said ‘sorry, I can’t be there,’” Cousineau said.


“Right,” McClain said.


“Yep. It’s easy to keep your priorities straight if you remember that,” Cousineau said.


McClain is heard in a separate call from Oct. 26, 2018, telling associate Victor Reyes to deliver checks to Madigan and make clear what it’s for.


“Tell Emily that this goes on the magic list,” McClain said.


Laughing, Reyes says “I got it, I got it.”


In a wiretap call with Madigan from Dec. 9, 2018, McClain is heard suggesting appointing committee chairs who can stall unfavorable legislation by putting them in a subcommittee.


“Without your fingerprints, I can call a couple of people and say, ‘you ought to make sure,’” McClain said.


“Yeah,” Madigan said.


“‘You get two or three people to ask for that committee,’” McClain said.


“We could make that judgment right now to expand that committee, we just gotta find the people to go on,” Madigan said.


Madigan is also heard in that call making clear his position on things.


“I understand we have a lot of people walking around trying to find things to complain about, but every once in a while, the speaker gets to do what he wants to do,” Madigan said. “Every once in a while.”


The "ComEd 4" have pleaded not guilty. Madigan, who faces 22 counts in a trial set for next year, has also pleaded not guilty.