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Karen Swanner, owner of Float Edwardsville, on Friday addressed components of a search warrant issued by the Edwardsville Police Department. According to various sources, the search warrant pertained directly to Float Edwardsville manager Christopher McKee. 

Swanner failed to be notified by the Edwardsville Police Department about such details of the incident, which was said to have occurred in the fall of 2020. Swanner emphasizes that she does not condone this type of behavior and would’ve taken immediate action had she known there was an issue. 

“We are investigating the allegations and want to emphasize to our customers that this type of behavior is not in compliance with the high standard of service we work to provide,” Swanner said.

Further discussion with Swanner included the mention and direct implementation of additional sexual assault training protocols and an updated system for customer feedback. 

“Such modifications will work to prevent similar instances in the future,” a press release states. “If you, or someone you know may have been affected by a similar instance at Float Edwardsville, please reach out to us so we can take action and conduct our own investigation. 

“Our goal at Float Edwardsville is to provide our customers with stress relieving and therapeutic services in a professional and relaxing atmosphere.

“Float Edwardsville remains open for appointments during this time, providing the perfect place for all your health and wellness needs. “

For more information, visit www.floatedwardsville.com, call (618) 307-9888 or email info@floatedwardsville.com

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