Daiber criticizes opponent’s “political stunts”


Citing his ability to collaborate with others to achieve results and his unparalleled career in public service, Madison County Sheriff John Lakin has endorsed Bob Daiber for County Board chairman.
“As an educator, elected official, and regional leader, Bob Daiber has exhibited the integrity we need leading Madison County,” Lakin said. “Having worked with Bob directly, I can personally attest to his excellent communication skills and his distinct ability to collaborate with people of all backgrounds to build consensus and achieve results for our communities.”
“Bob Daiber has always been a strong supporter of law enforcement and will continue to be as our County Board Chairman,” Lakin continued. “He will work with law enforcement to ensure they have the necessary resources to protect our county and will not support any efforts to defund our essential law enforcement agencies.”
“As regional superintendent of schools, Bob was a strong supporter of school resource officers and worked with our local law enforcement agencies to prevent violence in our schools,” Lakin said. “You trusted Bob Daiber with your children’s safety at school, and you can trust him to lead our county with integrity and character.”
“Sheriff John Lakin exemplifies what it means to be a public servant, tirelessly working to keep our communities safe from criminals and predators,” Daiber stated. “I am honored to have his support in this campaign and if elected, I look forward to working closely with him and other local law enforcement leaders to ensure that Madison County remains a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.”
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