Madison County supports plan for Cahokia Mounds to become national park

Monks Mound, the largest mound at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site.

The Madison County Regional Office of Education is launching a new campaign to  help pass Bill HR-2642, The Cahokia Mounds National Park Act. This campaign is specifically tailored to  assist in helping make Cahokia Mounds a national park. 

“We are enlisting help from our Madison County students to help persuade Congress that we must preserve and protect ‘America’s First City,’ Cahokia  Mounds, and pass HR-2642 which would designate Cahokia Mounds a national park,” a press release states. 

Regional Superintendent Robert Werden is asking all school administrators and teachers strongly  encourage the promotion of the campaign. 

“Cahokia Mounds is a local treasure  that should be shared with the rest of the country and the whole world,” Werden said.  

The campaign will consist of two portions. The first portion is a letter-writing campaign.  Students will be asked to write a one-page letter of support to members of the House’s Natural  Resources Committee, persuading the members to preserve and protect the rich history and historical facts that can be provided to many visitors over time. 

The second portion of the campaign is a poster contest. Students will be asked to design a standard-size  poster depicting Cahokia Mounds, with the placement of the title Make Cahokia Mounds a National  Park included on the poster. The poster entry can be created digitally or with markers and crayons. This  contest is limited to only one entry per student.  

All entries must be turned into the Madison County Regional Office of Education 41 by June 1.  Winners will be announced via the Regional Office of Education’s social media and website on July 1. All entries will be  delivered to our United States Congressmen. Visit www.roe41.orgor contact for more information. 


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