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Tom Haine

State’s Attorney Tom Haine called an emergency meeting Wednesday morning of the Madison County police chiefs to discuss the proposed criminal reform bill (House Bill 3563, previously House  Bill 163). After this meeting, Haine was joined by the sheriff and every policechief in Madison County in the following statement condemning the bill:  

“The unanimous message of the Madison County law enforcement community to our legislature  and governor is: this bill cannot become law, but should be paused and reconsidered next  session. In our professional opinion, as drafted, this so-called ‘reform’ would in fact devastate  our ability to keep our communities safe and enforce the law fairly and equally for all. Good  intentions and some worthwhile reforms are not enough to justify the enactment of so many bad  policies at the same time. Public safety and victims’ rights are delicate issues that require time  and serious consideration by all stakeholders. Here, only a week after a 600-plus page bill was  proposed that revolutionizes virtually every aspect of the criminal justice system in Illinois, it is  being rushed to the floor for a vote without consideration for unintended consequences. Illinois  communities should not become the testing ground for the rest of the country for rushed and ill-conceived ideas, especially where public safety is concerned. We urge the concerned citizens of  Madison County to contact their legislators and the governor to prevent the passage or signing  of this disastrous bill.” 

State’s Attorney Tom Haine 

Sheriff John Lakin 

Alton Police Chief Marcos Pulido 

Bethalto Police Chief Mike Dixon 

Collinsville Police Chief Stephen Evans 

East Alton Police Chief Darren Carlton 

Edwardsville Police Chief Jay Keeven 

Glen Carbon Police Chief Todd Link 

Granite City Police Chief Kenneth Rozell 

Grantfork Police Chief Justin Rottman 

Hamel Police Chief Timothy Connell 

Hartford Police Chief Brandon Flanigan 

Highland Police Chief Christopher Conrad Madison Police Chief Nicholas Gailius Marine Police Chief Brent Stewart Maryville Police Chief Robert Carpenter Pontoon Beach Police Chief Chris Modrusic Roxana Police Chief Will Cunningham SIU-E Police Chief Kevin Schmoll South Roxana Police Chief Larry Coles St Jacob Police Chief Gary Kukla Troy Police Chief Brad Parsons 

Venice Police Chief Norman Adams Williamson Police Chief Wayne Watkins Wood River Police Chief Brad Wells Worden Police Chief Dale Volle


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