The Midwest Renewable Energy Association has launched a Midwest Solar Job Resource Center, solarenergy.jobsThe site will be a one-stop resource connecting job seekers and other stakeholders.  


The site’s training and career resources will provide those interested in working in the solar industry access to current information about solar and clean energy jobs. Solar and clean energy companies will have the opportunity to post jobs on the interactive job board. Companies offering internships will also be able to post available openings. The site also hosts a career resources section with information about the solar industry and trends in clean energy. Training opportunities with links to technical and community college programs and MREA’s solar training courses are also available.  


According to Strategies for Solar Workforce DevelopmentA Toolkit for the Solar Industry, a decade of accelerated industry growth and rapid expansion of the solar jobs market has challenged the solar workforce to keep pace with demand. From 2010-2017, the number of American solar jobs grew by 168 percent, and despite temporary slowdowns, this growth is expected to continue over the long run. The majority of solar employers nationwide, across all industry sectors, continue to say they have difficulty finding and retaining qualified candidates. 


The recruiting and hiring of qualified workers remains a priority and a challenge for solar and renewable energy companies as the market expands and grows. Having a central resource for jobs, internships, training and other industry resources will provide a valuable and useful tool for job seekers and, employers as well as other stakeholders in the industry, said Ellen Barlas, solar workforce development manager for the MREA. 

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