Financial help available for recreation projects

Madison County is awarding $1.1 million in funding for park and recreational projects.

The Grants Committee approved $1,111,302 in Park Enhancement Program grant funding on Monday and the County Board will take action on April 21.

The PEP grants range from between $15,000 and $122,000 and include funds for projects such as walking trails, exercise equipment, an off-leash dog park, playground equipment, ADA improvements, concrete chess/checker tables and bag games, sporting equipment, surveillance cameras, mowers and more. The funding will be combined with city, village, township and park district funds to finance the projects.

County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler said the PEP program is successful thanks to the taxpayers. He said voters approved a 1/10th of one percent sales tax in 2000 under the Illinois Metro-East Park and Recreation District Act and Madison County’s Community Development Department administers the PEP funding through Madison County Park and Recreation Grant Commission.

“Since its establishment the funds have been used to improve parks and recreational facilities across the county,” Prenzler said. 

In the program’s 21 years, more than $23 million has been awarded municipalities, townships and park districts. The grant can be applied for annually.

County Board member and Grants Committee Chair Eric Foster said this program benefits taxpayers countywide.

“There is a vast network of parks and recreational facilities within the county, which enhances the quality of life for residents,” Foster said. “People in every community can go to their local park and point to something that was built with the sales tax funding.”


Prenzler said not only do residents enjoy the amenities at parks and recreational facilities, but so do the people who come to visit.

“This helps contribute positively toward the county’s overall economic development,” he said.  

2021 PEP Grant Requests

Alhambra Township

Amount Requested:$15,000.00

Scope of Project:

Alhambra Township Park

  • Asphalt existing walking trail from the parking lot to the lake, to the west, around the back side of the lake and join the trail near the road at the back side of the park (1530 feet long by 6 feet wide)

Alton Park & Recreation 

Amount Requested:$110,924.00

Scope of Project:

Alton Park and Rec.

  • PEP Loan Installment

James H. Killion Park – Washington Ave. & Salu St.

  • Construct ADA compliant pathways

Gordon Moore Park – 4550 College Ave.

  • New bleachers

  • Simpson Court Resurfacing

  • ADA Sidewalk improvements

  • Lighting Bollards

Rock Springs Park – 2116 College Ave.

  • Sidewalks and walking paths

Norside Park – Rozier St. & Davis St.

  • Erosion Control

Dormann Square Park – 7th & Easton St.

  • 2 ADA collapsible bollards

  • 3 ADA parking signs

  • Erosion Control

Village of Bethalto

Amount Requested:$38,320.00

Scope of Project:

Town & Country Swimming Pool in Central Park (325 E. Central St.)

  • Loan repayment 

  • Playground Equipment

Chouteau Township

Amount Requested: $16,760.00

Scope of Project:

Chouteau Township Park 

  • Resurface and seal walking path

  • Install electric at two gazebos and two pavilions 

Collinsville Park and Recreation

Amount Requested:$89,604.00

Scope of Project:

Woodland Park

  • Construction of five new shelters and one amphitheater

Collinsville Township

Amount Requested:$15,000.00

Scope of Project:

Senior Center

  • Exercise equipment including weight rack, mats, blocks, elliptical machine

  • Speaking Podium

  • Chairs, dollies, tables, plates, microwave

East Alton Park and Recreation

Amount Requested:$25,184.00

Scope of Project:

Lions Park – 615 Third St.

  • Replace existing playground surface around the playground equipment

City of Edwardsville

Amount Requested:$106,524.00

Scope of Project:

Plummer Family Park

  • Repay loan

Edwardsville Township

Amount Requested:$15,000.00

Scope of Project:

Township Park – 6863 Center Grove Rd.

  • Tennis court resurfacing

Foster Township

Amount Requested:$15,996.00

Scope of Project:

Foster Township Park: 

  • Repay loan for museum

Village of Glen Carbon

Amount Requested:$51,860.00

Scope of Project:

Miner Park – 194 S. Main St.

  • Replacement of all wood cross beams and supports for four pavilions

Ray Schon Memorial Park

  • Permanent lighting for the monument sign

Village of Godfrey

Amount Requested:$71,868.00

Scope of Project:

Glazebrook Sports Park

  • Splash Pad (option 1)

  • Reconstruction of field 1 baseball diamond (option 2)

Granite City Park District:

Amount Requested:$120,736.00

Scope of Project:

Wilson Park

  • Surveillance Cameras

  • Water Feature

  • Pool deck feature

Athletic Fields

  • ABI Leveler – allows for crown removal on athletic fields

Worthen Park

  • Outdoor fitness equipment

Village of Hamel:

Amount Requested:$15,000.00

Scope of Project:

Hamel Community Park/Building

  • Resurface basketball court, replace fencing, upgrade light fixture

  • HVAC upgrades to community center

  • Development of new park named Hamel Dog Park which includes ADA compliant walkways from MCT Trail, fencing, dog park amenities

Village of Hartford:

Amount Requested:$15,000.00 

Scope of Project:


  • Purchase two new mowers for parks

City of Highland

Amount Requested:$39,116.00

Scope of Project:

The Plaza – 913 Main St. (new development)

  • Concrete bags games (x2)

  • Chess/checker tables (x4)

  • Planters (x5)

City Square – 914 Main St.

  • Concrete apron to replace mulch and vegetation around the fountain

Silver Lake Park – Highland Park Rd.

  • Concrete retaining walls to replace rotting railroad ties


  • Final loan installment

Village of Livingston 

Amount Requested:$13,000.00

Scope of Project:

John Slifka Memorial Park 

  • Repair, clean and upgrade the building in the park with a new roof, new plumbing and paint

City of Madison

Amount Requested:$15,660.00

Scope of Project:

  • Purchase zero turn mower

  • Replace trees, shrubs, plants and flowers located at city parks as needed


Village of Marine

Amount Requested:$12,923.91

Scope of Project:

Village Park

  • Playground Equipment

Heritage Park

  • Railing along walking path

  • Adding a bottling filling station

Village of Maryville

Amount Requested:$31,182.82

Scope of Project:

Drost Park

  • Pep loan repayment 

  • Park benches, pickleball courts, blowers, weed trimmers, pole saw, chain saws, earth auger and bits, concrete and sonotube

New Douglas Township

Amount Requested:$14,380.00 

Scope of Project:

  • Community garden and ball field utility vehicle

  • Community garden irrigation improvements

  • Indoor and outdoor sports equipment

  • Improvements for outdoor volleyball court, baseball and softball diamond

Village of New Douglas

Amount Requested:$15,000.00 

Scope of Project:

  • New mower

  • New Christmas lighting

  • New flag pole

  • 5 bike wave surface mount bike rack

  • ADA picnic table

  • Landscaping materials for flagpole

  • ADA drinking fountain

Village of Pontoon Beach

Amount Requested:$23,592.00

Scope of Project:

Randall D. Dalton Veterans Park:

  • Install a 5’x3’ bronze plaque on a 4’x4’ concrete base and 6’x36’ brick vertical wall to match existing brick

Jamie Lynn Memorial Park:

  • Install 25’ flagpole

  • Plant 8, 2’ tall trees

Roxana Community Park District

Amount Requested:$15,000.00

Scope of Project:

Roxana Park

  • Installation of lights, poles, wiring and an electrical panel at the Picnic Diamond youth baseball/softball field

Village of South Roxana

Amount Requested:$15,000.00

Scope of Project:

Village Hall Park

  • Basketball court reconstruction and repair including concrete, field goals and fencing

St. Jacob Park District

Amount Requested:$15,000.00

Scope of Project:

  • Update pavilion 1

  • Add additional wall to pavilion 2

  • Remodel of main bathrooms

Tri-Township Park District

Amount Requested:$64,595.00

Scope of Project:

  • Park Cell Phone App

  • Asphalt section of walking trail

  • Mulch for playgrounds

  • Utility tractor

  • Ceiling on pavilion 1

Venice Park District

Amount Requested:$15,000.00

Scope of Project:

  • Replace flooring in community park center


Amount Requested:$15,000.00

Scope of Project:

Williamson Park

  • Replace fencing around tennis courts

Wood River Parks and Recreation

Amount Requested:$42,520.00

Scope of Project:

  • Payment on new loan that will be requested for mower in April

Emerick Park (1001 6th St.)

  • Renovate Rotary field with new drainage, backstop and seating area

Wood River Township

Amount Requested:$26,556.00

Scope of Project:

Kutter Park – 255 Franklin Ave., Cottage Hills, IL 62010

  • Renovation of tennis courts: new posts, nets, resurfacing, and creation of pickleball court overlay on one tennis court

Village of Worden

Amount Requested:$15,000.00

Scope of Project:

  • Annual payment of the PEP Loan

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