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Madison County residents have come together to condemn the Madison County Board’s proposed Blue Lives Matter resolution.

So far, approximately 700 people have signed a petition opposing the resolution. Over the past week, dozens of people have called and emailed their board representatives demanding that the resolution be dropped. Residents will gather in person in front of the Madison County Courthouse at 4 p.m. Wednesday to take a stand against the resolution. 

The resolution is on page 34 of the Nov. 18 County Board agenda.

The assembled citizens will send a message to the board that the people of Madison County reject the resolution and embrace racial justice. The petition in opposition to the resolution will be presented to the board. Organizers of the rally take the risk from COVID-19 extremely seriously. All attendees must wear a mask and practice social distancing at all times. 

Opponents to the resolution say it plays on people’s worst fears, and that the board should instead focus on policies that truly improve the lives of Madison County residents.

“This proposed resolution is racist, fear-mongering rhetoric that does nothing to heal divisions and injustices within the community," Alton resident Emily Ehley said.  "We must take a stand to say that this resolution does not represent the way we feel about our neighbors and the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Madison County residents will assemble on Wednesday to invoke their First Amendment right to free speech as they stand in opposition to this resolution. 

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