Daiber criticizes opponent’s “political stunts”


Bob Daiber, candidate for Madison County Board chairman, announced today that he has been endorsed by Mayors Ed Hagnauer of Granite City, Mike Pagano of Pontoon Beach, John Hamm of Madison, and Tyrone Echols of Venice.

“As regional superintendent of schools, Bob Daiber demonstrated his support for our part of Madison County by working to improve education in our area,” said Mayor Ed Hagnauer of Granite City. “Bob also worked to open the Pearson Vue Testing Center in Granite City as part of the downtown redevelopment and successfully operated it for eight years.”

“Bob Daiber will work collaboratively with us to bring resources and support to our communities,” said Mayor Mike Pagano of Ponton Beach. “As a former County Board member and regional superintendent of schools, he has the experience and knowledge to lead Madison County forward.”

“Bob Daiber has always been accessible and involved as a public official, not just during election season when it benefits him,” said Mayor John Hamm of Madison. “He understands that bringing people together and working collaboratively is an important attribute to achieving success for our communities.”

“We need a workhorse as County Board chairman, not a show horse,” said Mayor Tyrone Echols of Venice. “Bob Daiber has demonstrated throughout his career that he’s more interested in getting results than getting headlines, and he always keeps his word.”

“Madison County is in desperate need of principled leadership,” the mayors concluded.

“Municipal government is where the rubber meets the road, and these mayors understand what it means to deliver results for their respective communities,” Daiber said. “As County Board chairman, I will work closely with these and other local mayors to ensure that county government meets the infrastructure, economic development, and social service needs of our communities.”

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