Democratic County Board members call for passage of Heroes Act

The Madison County Democratic Party has called on Madison County Republican leaders to denounce Donald Trump’s role in encouraging this week’s violence  at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. 

“Republican leaders around the country have gone on record in opposition to what  President Trump said and did to encourage Wednesday’s coup attempt at the United States  Capitol,” said Randy Harris, Madison County Democratic Party chair. “Members of the  president’s Cabinet and high-level staff have resigned. Republican members of Congress  have called on the president’s Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment or for the president  to resign immediately. But local Republican leaders, who eagerly supported and voted for  Donald Trump, have remained silent.” 

“Five people are dead, including a Capitol Police officer, who was beaten with a fire  extinguisher,” Harris said. “This is not a time for silence. It is time for Kurt Prenzler,  Thomas Haine, Amy Elik, Mike Bost, and all Republican elected officials in Madison County  to go on the record specifically condemning Trump’s role in attempting to overthrow the  United States government. What we witnessed was not an act of patriotism; it was an act of  treason.”  

“Madison County Republicans have eagerly supported and encouraged Donald Trump for  five years,” Harris said. “Republicans around the country are coming to their senses about  the damage he has caused, and it is long past the time for local Republican leaders to show  

the public whether they support the Constitution and our nation, or stand with an  individual who encouraged armed insurrection against the United States.”  

“More details will come out in the days and weeks to come but it is already indisputable  that Donald Trump repeatedly and deliberately encouraged the violent overthrow of our  government for weeks leading up to January 6,” Harris said. 

“Even Republican Senator Roy Blunt has condemned Trump, saying ‘I think the president’s  decisions and his actions that day and leading up to that day on this topic were clearly  reckless.’”  

Donald Trump knew that extremists who supported him were interpreting his words to be  a call for violence, yet he continued his rhetoric on January 6 at a rally dubbed the Storm  the Capitol Rally, on the National Mall, within sight of the U.S. Capitol, just before his  supporters illegally stormed Capitol Hill, saying:  

And we fight. We fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to  have a country anymore,” 

At the same rally, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Guiliani, said,  “So let’s have a trial by combat.” 

Not to be outdone, Donald Trump Jr. stirred up the same crowd, saying, “We’re coming for  you, and we’re going to have a good time doing it!” 

Thousands clad in Trump and MAGA (Make American Great Again) gear then walked down  the National Mall to the U.S. Capitol, overwhelmed Capitol Police officers, and took control  of the Capitol, forcing members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, as well as Vice  President Mike Pence, to flee. 

Trump, safely ensconced in the White House, then used a video on Twitter to tell those  rioting at the Capitol that “he loved them,” they were “very special”, and they were  “patriots”.  

“Trump’s former chiefs of staff have called for him to resign, and all living secretaries of  defense have condemned Trump’s words. Congressman Davis condemned the activity only  in general, as did Rep. Amy Elik, but they have not addressed the one person who was  responsible, President Trump, because they don’t want to upset a small number of  extremists. It’s time for all Madison County Republican elected leaders to speak truth to  power and do the right thing,” Harris said. “Lastly, the local press has a duty to get local  officials on the record about one of the most consequential events of our time. It’s time for  all local media outlets to find out just where these local officials stand, do your job; you  have a duty to the public.” 

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