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With one week left before the June 28 primary election, candidates for Illinois governor are working to get the word out.

Illinois’ primary elections are party specific. Voters can only select either a Republican ballot or a Democratic ballot, not both.

While six candidates are vying for the Republican nomination to advance to the November election, there are two candidates on the Democratic primary ballot.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker is the incumbent. He was in New Hampshire campaigning over the weekend, including pitching Chicago as the location for national Democrats to meet in two years.

“We’re a diverse and compelling place with a proud history and we’re hoping to host you all in Chicago for the 2024 Democratic National Convention,” Pritzker said.

Democratic challenger Beverly Miles said she survived Pritzker’s attempts to knock her off the ballot and sees his out-of-state campaigning as a pitch for president.

“For him to be out of state campaigning, I think it’s disgusting,” Miles told The Center Square. “I question, is he really running for the people of the state of Illinois? The wellbeing of the state of Illinois or is he running to protect the power base for the state of Illinois?”

Miles said her presence on the ballot “has exposed his weaknesses.”

The two candidates don’t compare on campaign funds. Pritzker has $88 million on hand. Miles has $260, according to IllinoisSunshine.org.

Running on the Republican ticket, state Sen. Darren Bailey, R-Xenia, has been out on the campaign trail with plans to hit all 102 counties by election day next week.

“President Trump is coming to Illinois … and it kind of threw a wrench into things for a part of the state, but guess what, we’re hitting them,” Bailey said in a social media video. “We’re not leaving anyone out.”

Former President Donald Trump will make a stop in Adams County Saturday to campaign for a congresswoman. It’s unclear who else he’ll endorse.

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin has been making campaign stops to urge early voting. His message has been “a vote for Bailey is a vote to reelect J.B. Pritzker.”

Jesse Sullivan appeared on Fox News Monday. He said as a Republican, he can get votes from Chicago and the suburbs.

“I’m the only candidate that can bridge this divide between Chicago and the rest of the state,” Sullivan said. “My other opponent actually co-sponsored a bill to separate Chicago from the rest of the state … we need someone who can really lead with our conservative values but also win around Chicago and that’s what I can do.”

Other candidates in front of voters for the GOP gubernatorial election are Gary Rabine, Paul Schimpf and Max Solomon.