Daiber criticizes opponent’s “political stunts”


Bob Daiber on Monday reiterated his call for specific cuts to the budget of the County Board chairman’s office while criticizing Kurt Prenzler’s wasteful spending. The cuts proposed by Daiber would save taxpayers more than $1 million over the next four years.
Daiber has pledged to eliminate the board chair’s IMRF pension benefit paid for by taxpayers and would forgo any county-paid health insurance benefit if elected. Daiber has also encouraged the County Board to reduce the board chair’s salary by 20 percent.
By contrast, Prenzler receives a health insurance benefit costing $14,392 annually and an IMRF pension benefit costing $11,488 annually that are paid for by the taxpayers. This $25,880 benefit is in addition to his $109,410 salary.
Next, Daiber would eliminate the positions of compliance manager and deputy county administrator, two new positions created during incumbent Kurt Prenzler’s administration.
Reducing the salary and benefits of the County Board chairman and eliminating the positions of compliance manager and deputy county administrator would save taxpayers $1,000,991 over the next four years.
Daiber would also end Prenzler’s practice of giving out jobs to political allies, such as the $95,000 per year job he awarded his campaign manager to oversee the county’s coronavirus response. That individual had no experience in public health or the scientific or medical fields and his only qualification for receiving that job appears to be that he is a friend of Prenzler.
Taxpayers have paid more than $300,000 in legal expenses because of lawsuits stemming from scandals within his administration.
“Serving in public office should be about helping residents and business owners, creating jobs, advancing the region through education and training, improving infrastructure, and providing social support programs to our communities, not high-paying salaries for an office holder and their friends,” Daiber said. “If elected chairman, I will operate county government with one experienced county administrator and will not use taxpayer money as a personal piggybank to reward political allies.”
“Throughout my service as regional superintendent of schools and as Marine Township supervisor, I have demonstrated a commitment to fiscal responsibility, and I firmly believe that a good leader sets an example by running their own office efficiently and effectively,” Daiber said. “I understand that taxpayers work hard for their money, and I will ensure that they receive efficient and effective service while eliminating the hidden tax of corruption being paid by them as a result of Kurt Prenzler’s failed leadership.”
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