Daiber Bob


Bob Daiber, Democratic candidate for Madison County Board chairman, on Tuesday responded to County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler’s bizarre and misleading attacks on his support for lower taxes for working people.


Kurt Prenzler has resorted to intentionally distorting my record of strong support for lower taxes for working people,” said Bob Daiber. “These attacks by Kurt Prenzler are the act of a desperate candidate who fears losing his grip on power.”


Let me set the record straight so that we can get back to the issues facing the people of Madison County,” Daiber said. “First, I do not, and will not, support any tax on retirement income as County Board chairman.


Second, I have never made a public statement regarding last year’s increase in the gas tax, but Kurt Prenzler has accepted the endorsement of state Representative Charlie Meier, who voted for the increase in the gas tax,” Daiber continued.


Third, Kurt Prenzler attacked an income tax plan that I proposed while running for governor that would have lowered the income tax rate for every person in Illinois making less than $150,000 per year,” Daiber stated. “This curious line of attack leads to one question why does Kurt Prenzler so adamantly oppose lower taxes for working people?”


It is time for principled, competent leadership focused on finding bipartisan solutions to the issues facing Madison County, not bizarre, distorted attacks from a desperate candidate with nothing to offer voters,” Daiber concluded.

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