Illinois State Police reorganize investigative zones

The reorganized Illinois State Police investigative zones

The Illinois State Police Division of Criminal Investigation announces the reorganization of two investigative zones to better serve the public. This initiative will also create a new investigations office in Centralia.

Prior to April 2020, Zone 7 Investigations was geographically the largest investigative zone within the ISP DCI.  It comprised 31 counties spread across 13,299 square miles with a population of about half a million people. The Zone 7 commander was responsible for maintaining relationships with 135 law enforcement agencies.

With the reorganization, Zone 7 will be split into Zone 7 North and Zone 7 South.  Also, through the reorganization, two counties of Zone 6 Investigations, headquartered in Collinsville, will be added to Zone 7 North.  This downsizing of Zone 6 will give investigators the opportunity to better focus their efforts on Metro East area investigations.

The goals of this reorganization are to allow the zone commanders an opportunity to establish a more consistent relationship with local law enforcement agencies; introduce a new investigative unit in Centralia, an area previously underserved because of its geographical location on the border of three ISP districts and two investigative zones; and allow investigators to respond more effectively to their areas of assignment.

“The core mission of the Illinois State Police is to promote public safety to improve the quality of life in Illinois,” ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly stated. “By locating a zone investigations office in Centralia, this will bolster the ISP’s ability to serve the people of the Metro East area and the Centralia area, expand our footprint in the greater law enforcement community, which will allow us to better assist our local law enforcement partners, and strengthen our ability to push forward on the ISP goal of reducing crime and the fear of crime in Illinois.”

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