Essential sisterhood

Granite City sisters Brooke Nemsky (left) and Lindsay LeVault have been working together at Missouri Baptist Medical Center since January.

Eight years ago, Brooke Nemsky and Lindsay LeVault were teammates on the Granite City High School girls volleyball team.

Now, the Granite City sisters are together again. This time, they’re colleagues at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis.

Nemsky is a nurse at the labor and delivery department and has been working at the hospital since July 2017. LeVault joined her sister on the hospital staff in January and works as a patient care technician.

“Brooke is actually the one who helped me get the job,” LeVault said. “She was working for inpatient surgical before she went to labor and delivery. So that helped out and she kind of showed me the ropes. It’s nice to be able to work with your sister.”

The sisters are helping take care of patients with COVID-19, which has attacked thousands of people around the country since March. LeVault recently volunteered to work at a COVID-19 floor, while Nemsky makes sure all of the mothers and babies are safe and healthy during deliveries.

“It’s definitely not something that I would ever imagine would happen, but it’s definitely something I’ll learn from and be able to share with my kids one day how me and aunt Lindsay took on COVID-19,” Nemsky said.

Nemsky, whose maiden name is LeVault, said one of her goals as a nurse is to help make the experience more enjoyable for mothers giving birth.

“I know Missouri Baptist is a great hospital and they’ve done a lot for pretty much every employee who works there,” she said. “We really feel appreciated when we leave for the day. It’s definitely a transition phase and we’re doing the best we can with what we got.”

LeVault had worked at the COVID-19 floor for several weeks, helping out nurses and making sure the patients get their medicine.

“I know Lindsay goes out there pretty much every shift and does her work,” Nemsky said. “I know her patients are so grateful for her. She’s definitely a lot more brave than I am right now. It’s a scary time.”

LeVault said she continues to stay positive during the pandemic.

“It’s so easy to fall back and think, ‘What if I get sick and what if this happens or that happens?’” LeVault said. “You have to stay positive for people around you as well as your patients because if you start falling, then everyone falls right behind you.”

Nemsky was hired to work at Missouri Baptist Medical Center after graduating from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2017.

“I always knew that I wanted to help people,” said Nemsky, a 2013 GCHS graduate. “It wasn’t until high school that my aunt Christie Moad delivered my cousin. She had some complications with her pregnancy and the delivery itself. So I was very intrigued by the whole nursing process. I was watching from the sidelines at the time. Then I did a lot of job-shadowing and I felt like being a nurse is kind of like the most rewarding job. It’s tough, but I go in every day knowing that I helped a person stay healthy. I helped deliver a baby and I helped bring life into this world.”

LeVault said she knew she wanted to work in a hospital after graduating from Lindenwood University-Belleville with a degree in exercise science in December.

“I wanted to be able to help people and get rewarded for that,” said LeVault, a 2015 GCHS graduate. “I actually started physical therapist assistant school in the fall at St. Louis Community College, so this is kind of a way to get some experience with direct patient care and get some experience with helping patients and relating with them to help them be more comfortable there at the hospital.”

Nemsky and LeVault live in Granite City. Nemsky said she and her sister have been getting tremendous support from the community.

“It’s amazing and you don’t expect anything out of people,” said Nemsky, who married her husband, Brian, in 2018. “We’re just doing our job, but it makes us feel so much happier and appreciated when we do get these things. It’s not that we’re expecting it at all, but it does put a smile on my face.”

Played varsity with the Granite City volleyball team for three years

Helped the Grigsby Middle School volleyball team win its first regional championship in program history in her eighth-grade year in 2009

Lindsay LeVault

Played varsity for three years for both Granite City volleyball and soccer teams

Helped Granite City girls soccer team win a regional title in her senior year in 2015

Competed with the Lindenwood University-Belleville women’s soccer team for four years

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