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I just read a half-page ad in the AdVantage, put there by the Hope abortion clinic in Granite City.

Their beef? They want to erect a barrier fence in front of their property and the city said “no.” Oh, they say the fence would help in the area of safety and security, but let's be honest, it's all about money. You see, of late there has been a compassionate ministry on the sidewalk that truly offers women a choice. They see the ministry van, walk in, receive a free ultrasound, and decide to have their baby. It doesn't stop there, however. The ministry helps the mother with anything else she needs as well. A fence would make the walk to the ultrasound van more difficult. And that's why, after 46 years, the Hope Clinic wants a fence. I will agree with them on one point, though; we should all most definitely contact our mayor and City Council. We should encourage them to do whatever they can to get that horrid business out of our town. With all that this community has going for it, I'm tired of it being known throughout half the country as the place to get a late-term abortion.

Robert Edwards

Granite City

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