GCS Credit Union was recently presented with a Mayoral Proclamation  from Mayor Mike Parkinson of Granite City. 

Mayor Parkinson, Alderman Harrington, and city staff participated in GCS Credit Union’s  Member Appreciation Day, celebrating 80 years of service to Granite City and the surrounding  communities. Participants enjoyed a free hot dog, chips, and drink from GCS, thanking membership  for their continued loyalty. 

Mayor Parkinson said, “GCS Credit Union is a trusted institution in our city, a well-run  organization that we’re happy to have. They have done a lot of good things for the citizens of Granite  City, assisting them with their financial needs.” 

Keith Burton, GCS Credit Union President and CEO, stated, “It is truly an honor to be  recognized by Mayor Parkinson and the city of Granite City. We are proud of our 80 years of serviceand are passionate about our mission of people helping people. Our long history and heritage aresomething that we all cherish. The success of GCS is a direct result of the loyalty of our membersalong with the efforts of our volunteers and employees, past and present. We thank them all for their  contributions and support.” 

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