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Associates at Busey Bank’s Exec Center in Champaign compiling Sensory Kits for distribution to banking centers.

Committed to supporting children and families in the communities it serves, Busey Bank offers sensory kits at each of its banking centers — including Busey’s Downtown Edwardsville Branch, 330 Vandalia St. These kits contain toys and tools to engage children while their caregivers meet with a Busey associate. Busey recognizes the importance of cognitive development for all youth, and Sensory Kits are available for any children who would benefit from sensory play.


According to development psychology theorist Jean Piaget, sensory play, or the engagement in activities that stimulate a child’s senses, occupies an important role in a child’s development. The exploration of various senses provides a means of understanding and exploring the world while simultaneously building fine and gross motor skills. Providing these resources not only gives children something to play with while their caregiver is otherwise occupied with a Busey associate, but also aids in their long-term growth and development. 


“The sensory kits highlight Busey’s commitment to supporting all families and neurodiversity by creating a welcoming environment,” said Dan McCarthy, senior vice president – payments and operational risk service support at Busey Bank. 


During April, Busey associates generously volunteered to prepare and package these kits. With more than 70 kits prepared, Busey is excited to continue to offer resources for its neighbors and families. 


The installations are part of a larger community initiative at Busey — Community Promise Month. Through this monthly campaign, Busey associates are learning about community needs and further strengthening the communities they serve by attending education webinars and volunteer service events.


Being a community financial services organization means being a good neighbor—partnering for purpose and progress. From robust associate volunteering efforts to corporate-led sponsorship opportunities, Busey gives more than $1 million and countless volunteer hours annually. 



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