“Unnecessary Farce” to open ALT’s 87th season

Alton Little Theater Showplace

Alton Little Theater is fully open and giving its all to entertain the Riverbend with the July production of the hit musical "The Full Monty," playing July 16-25 at the Showplace for eight performances.
The question of "will they" or "won't they" will be playfully revealed in the anticipated closing number. To be sure, the hit powerhouse team of Terrace McNally ("Ragtime") and David Yazbek ("Dirty Rotten Scoundrels") has created a stage script based on the cult favorite film of the same name — but the stage version offers genuine affection, engaging melodies and an appreciation for the physicality of "real" men that is just a perfect reflection of the times we're all living through right now. Six guys laboring as steel workers are laid off and facing hard times; dealing with custody battles, bills up the hill, loneliness and fear of growing older — so they come up with a most ingenious solution  that leaves just a little to the imagination! 
Kurtis Leible, Shea Maples, Phill Gill, Ian Wonders, Jared Hennings and Brennan Whittleman take on the principle ensemble (before they take anything off), Margery Handy, Devin Sadler, Mary Tomlinson, Megan Kay, and Melinda Call play the featured wives and family of the guys (just trying to guess what's going on) and Jake Tenberge, Orcinneo Gaines, Kelly Hougland, Alisa Ax, Madeline Eschbacher, Emily Schneider, Nathan Beilsmith and ShayVonda Mayes make up the versatile ensemble challenge of each playing three to five different characters during the two-hour romp through the crazy-fun of this show! 
Kevin Frakes directs the production, along with ALT's newest musical director, the energetic Eddie Hitchcock. "Dancing Queen" Quinn Perez came home for the summer to take over choreography. Lee Cox takes on 132 costumes and light design — and the fun begins! 
Tickets are $25 for the musical extraordinaire and season tickets will be on sale for 40 percent off early-bird purchases for the 88th season, which starts in September. ALT is playing "catch up," finishing the 87th season in style and getting right back on schedule for the 88th season with seven new and endearing shows. 
Call (618) 462-3205 for ticket information about the nine productions and four concerts Alton Little Theater will produce in the next 12 months. 
"The Full Monty" is only for patrons 18 and older.
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